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Lebanon Valley College


Major: Digital Communications

Secondary Major: Art & Art History

While attending Lebanon Valley College I had the opportunity to expand my knowledge of art and culture by studying abroad at the Umbria Institute in Perugia, Italy.



June 2013 - Present

Blue Cardinal Group: I started as a Graphic Designer and after 2 years was promoted to Art Director, managing design and photography staff. I focus on print design but wear many hats including; Web Design, Social Media, Marketing and Fulfillment. 


My life is design and I love being able to pass my knowledge to others though my job as an Art Director.


May - Aug 2012

Webpage FX: Through this job I learned the skill associated with managing an entire team of staff from PPC campaigns, social media and design. My daily jobs included tracking milestones, contacting clients, and managing site launches from start to finish. 


May - Aug 2010

JPL Creative: This was an internship opportunity where I was able to experience being a graphic designer in a large firm that covered design, web, marking, e-commerce and e-learning. Through this internship I was paired with a team which worked costively to create a website for a non-profit - from proposal to completion.


I currently work as an Art Director at a large scale printing company. Along with print I also work with web design and development, social media and marketing. My passion, without a doubt, is branding. I love speaking for a company through aesthetics. It's a way to show who you are without verbal communication.

Design is my life so I rarely consider myself not working but when I have some down time I love to paint with oils and work on DIY projects.


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